Equipment features

The feature of equipment composition

We have achieved excellent results in producing Stainless Steel cut parts, copper alloy parts, and copper alloy castings.

We launched our business as a faucet bracket manufacturer.
Since the Company’s foundation, we have been capable of design and development of plumbing products and parts mainly with copper alloy, and have a manufacturing equipment system that allows integrated production from casting to finishing products (plating excluded).

Our business has recently extended to Stainless Steel parts as well as copper alloy castings beyond faucet brackets to further improve our production capacity.

In recent years, we have strived for production using environmentally-friendly materials (e.g., lead-free bronze, lead-free brass, low-cadmium brass) , and provided well-developed manufacturing equipment to supply products and parts that satisfy the requirements set by the RoHS Directive, ELV Directive, and California State Law AB1953, and to respond to the various needs of our customers.

Equipment Details