Surface treatment

General polishing and plating

Nickel-chrome plating after polishing
Front right:Before processing
Cast brass casting by permanent mold casting
Cutting work completed
Back left:After processing
Polished and plated product
(Nickel-chrome plating after polishing)
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Works efficiently assigned to both craftsmen and machines reduce costs and time while maintaining the quality of the finished products.

  • Complicated shapes can be achieved manually by craftsmen.
  • Simple shapes are made through automatic polishing.
  • We polish products after cutting work by machine if required by some product uses or conditions.
  • We entrust plating to 5 subcontract factories so that we can respond to various needs.

Plating by masking

Both products are identical.

We can plate the necessary parts of a product by masking. *We use the method most suitable for the shape of each product.

Surface treatment with different colors

nickel-chrome plating and ion plating
Material Lead-free brass forging
Back right General nickel-chrome plating
Front left Gold-colored plating
(Ion plating, etc.)
Process Surface treatment, such as polishing and plating after cutting work
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In addition to nickel-chrome plating, we can offer some different proposals on surface treatment, including ion plating, to suit your budget.
Expressing various colors, ion plating achieves the designer’s request as well as quality products.
Other types of processing, including copper plating, are also available.